Italian craftsmanship is in our DNA.

A family business since 1950, we’ve always valued the Italian craftsmanship and traditions of our artisans and continue to do so today on projects around the world; whether we’re making an intimate piece of furniture for your home, outfitting a large public or hospitality space, or developing serial productions for top brands.


No two projects are the same.

The terms ‘off the shelf’ and ‘prepackaged’ do not apply to our process. Our approach is tailor-made to meet your project’s needs and demands however complex and precise they may be. From design and research through to execution and production, we will manage all suppliers to meet our high standards of quality.


We care about those we work with.

Over the years we have carefully built a network of trusted artisans and suppliers that can address any request, from creative to logistic and technical. They are the best in their fields and a valuable resource both for Gili and our clients.


We take Italian design around the world.

The lasting value of our service equals our lasting relationships with our clients, whether private individuals or big international brands, that regularly engage us in multiple projects of varying scope all around the world. We work internationally with private investors, architectural offices, and world-renowned hotel and design brands, with our customary discretion and openness, to continually offer our support as their needs change over time.


Our focus is problem-solving.

Every project begins with a preliminary analysis of the client’s needs. We identify the creative concept, develop ideas and build a map of a solid path to creating the final product. We manage and coordinate all logistical aspects, from site installation to quality control, until our/your product is ready to be used or sold. Simply put, we make the process easy.


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